"spam" with negative score. What settings do I need to change?

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Oct 19 18:23:20 IST 2005

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Edit /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/RBLs.pm.
Right at the bottom of the file, edit the last few lines so that they 
look like this:

- -----SNIP-----
  # The return from the pipe is a measure of how spammy it was
  MailScanner::Log::InfoLog("RBL checks: %s found in %s", $message->{id},
                            join(', ', @HitList))
    if @HitList && MailScanner::Config::Value('logspam');
  MailScanner::Log::DebugLog("RBL Checks: returned $PipeReturn");

  # No point actually using $PipeReturn, as we want to get a
  # useful result even when the child never reached its exit()
  #$PipeReturn = $PipeReturn>>8;
  # JKF 3/10/2005
  my $temp = @HitList;
  $temp = $temp + 0;
  return ($temp, join(', ', @HitList));

- -----SNIP-----

The new bit is the JKF 3/10/2005 bit. This gets around a Perl bug, the 
same one has happened several times before. This should fix it for you.

Note that you will of course need to restart MailScanner after making 
this change. Before you do this, it is worth syntax-checking your new 
file to be sure you haven't missed a ";" or anything like that:
    perl -c RBLs.pm
That shouldn't output anything much at all. If that is okay, then do a 
"service MailScanner restart".

Chris W. Parker wrote:

>I had an email come in today with a negative score of 2.60. I searched
>the archives and read that it's probably because the email was found on
>a (some) RBL(s). I think this is in fact the reason it was marked as
>1. If an email gets a negative score shouldn't it NOT be considered
>spam, even if it does reach 'Spam Lists To Be Spam = 1'? In this case it
>is a legitimate piece of mail that usually isn't found on the two lists
>2. I can't be sure of why it got a negative spam score because it wasn't
>included in the mail headers and it's not in the maillog either. Notice
>below that the line that USUALLY shows the scores and rules that were
>tripped is cutoff. (I marked the line with ***) It just says "to
>swatgear.com is" and that's it.
>Oct 18 11:05:06 localhost sendmail[24018]: j9II55g5024018:
>from=<abc at hotmail.com>, size=2188, class=0, nrcpts=1,
>10 at phx.gbl>, proto=ESMTP, daemon=MTA,
>relay=bay104-f34.bay104.hotmail.com []
>Oct 18 11:05:06 localhost sendmail[24018]: j9II55g5024018:
>to=<xyz at swatgear.com>, delay=00:00:01, mailer=esmtp, pri=32188,
>Oct 18 11:05:11 localhost MailScanner[22139]: New Batch: Scanning 1
>messages, 2683 bytes
>Oct 18 11:05:11 localhost MailScanner[22139]: Spam Checks: Starting
>Oct 18 11:05:14 localhost MailScanner[22139]: RBL checks: j9II55g5024018
>*** Oct 18 11:05:17 localhost MailScanner[22139]: Message j9II55g5024018
>from (abc at hotmail.com) to swatgear.com is
>Oct 18 11:05:17 localhost MailScanner[22139]: Spam Checks: Found 1 spam
>Oct 18 11:05:17 localhost MailScanner[22139]: Spam Actions: message
>j9II55g5024018 actions are deliver
>Oct 18 11:05:18 localhost MailScanner[22139]: Virus and Content
>Scanning: Starting
>I've since whitelisted this email address in the hopes that even if it
>does get found in an RBL (or two or three) it will not have the spam
>message added to the subject. Is this true?
>And some output from 'MailScanner -v':
>This is CentOS release 4.1 (Final)
>This is Perl version 5.008005 (5.8.5)
>This is MailScanner version 4.46.2
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