phishing whitelist via DNS

David Lee t.d.lee at DURHAM.AC.UK
Wed Oct 19 12:41:31 IST 2005

Julian: Last week we briefly discussed the possibility of doing the 
"" information via DNS, so that it could be 
maintained between releases and also follow more closely the methodology 
of RBL blacklists.

I have cobbled together a quick "proof of concept" implementation:
1. loaded our DNS with data derived from a recent copy of the file;
2. patched "" ("InPhishingWhitelist" subroutine; based on
3. written a little driver program to call "InPhishingWhitelist" (loops on
    stdin: the domain name to be checked).

Doubtless it needs more work (it doesn't yet handle the subtlety of a 
couple of ":81"-like entries in your data; you would probably want to 
rework it for interaction with the "REMOVE" option).  And certainly the 
DNS zonename would have to change (something under ""?).

Attached are the patch and the driver program.  (The DNS data 
should, of course, be visible via DNS.)



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