spam filtering ceased

Dan Stromberg strombrg at DCS.NAC.UCI.EDU
Sat Oct 15 01:04:05 IST 2005

Hi folks.
I looked around on gmane a bit for a solution to this, but I really only
found someone with the same question and no answers.  Googling for this
one seems messy, as I'm not sure what keywords to use this time.

Anyway, I run a mail server, and someone else was tasked with setting up
mailscanner on it.  He's on vacation, and doesn't appear to have any doc
written up.

This mail server, I'm told, has suddenly stopped doing antispam

I tried killing and restarting all the sendmail's and mailscanner, but
that's not (necessarily) helping.

I'd really benefit from two things:
        1) A decision procedure for determining if antispam filtering is
        functional again.  For example, can I just search for a recent message
        with antispam headers, or is it more complicated than that?
        2) A procedure for determining what happened to the antispam
I attempted "MailScanner -v" as mentioned in another post, but that just
said something about configuration file -v not existing.

I also attempted the lint-related spamassassin command mentioned in the
same post, but I recall the person who set this up saying that
spamassassin is used via a perl module, and I have no spamassassin's on my



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