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Stijn Jonker SJCJonker at SJC.NL
Wed Oct 12 22:07:25 IST 2005

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Hello Mike & The list,

On 12-Oct-2005 20:04, Mike Patchen wrote:
> On 10/11/05, Stijn Jonker <SJCJonker at> wrote:
>> Mike,
>> Mike Patchen said the following on 11/10/2005 22:36:
>>> On 10/11/05, dnsadmin <dnsadmin at> wrote:
>>>> Try 'chkconfig --list Mailscanner' and 'chkconfig --list sendmail'
>>> >from the command line to see if you are starting up the two processes
>>>> indepently.
>>> Confirmed:
>>> sendmail        0:off  1:off  2:on  3:on  4:on  5:on  6:off
>>> Mailscanner   0:off   1:off  2:on  3:on  4:on  5:on  6:off

>> As julian said, the sendmail process is started by mailscanner, the
>> follwing commands should fix your problem
>> chkconfig sendmail off
>> /etc/init.d/sendmail stop
>> /etc/init.d/Mailscanner stop
>> sleep 10
>> /etc/init.d/Mailscanner start
>> (And i like this one:)
>> chmod 0000 /etc/init.d/sendmail

> OK, I now know one of my problems.  I had been using the tarball for
> my install, and did not have the actual init.d scripts.  I have
> installed the init.d scripts from the rpm and modified them to match
> my paths (not other modifications).  I now have sendmail starting from
> withing the Mailscanner script, and have confirmed that it is not
> starting anywhere else (command mentioned above have been executed). 
> I am still seeing the problem, though :-(

I'm not a 100% sure, if mail is still bypassing MailScanner it looks
like something else is handling the email. To rule out other mailers,
could you run:
"lsof -i4tcp:25 -n -P"

And provide the output? Next to this could you also provide the output of:
"ps -eaf | grep -i -e sendmail \
	-e mailscanner \
	-e qmail \
	-e exim \
	-e master \
	-e qmgr"

Met Vriendelijke groet/Yours Sincerely
Stijn Jonker <SJCJonker at>

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