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Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Tue Oct 11 21:37:29 IST 2005

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James Gray wrote:
> On Wednesday 05 October 2005 09:02, Scott Silva wrote:
>> Just getting a feel at which greylist solutions are used by the esteemed
>> recipients of this list.
>> Especially interested in sendmail milters.
> We use milter-greylist on both our sendmail gateways (one FreeBSD, the other 
> is CentOS).  Compiled the latest version from source so we can use extended 
> regex in our configuration files.  The results have been good:
> Spam reduction:  ~30-50%
> Virus reduction: ~15-20%
> (compared to total spam/viruses before the greylist, ie, not a %-age of total 
> mail volume).  As always, the biggest bonus is that all this happens at the 
> MTA level saving MailScanner the hassle.
> The biggest problems we've had stem from the assumption amongst users that 
> e-mail is actually some sort of instant-messaging.  If a message didn't 
> arrive within X-seconds, they would log a help desk call!  Despite much 
> education and assurance that once the mail (sender+recipient+originating SMTP 
> host tuple) had been "learned" there would be no further delays as long as 
> the sender sent you mail at least once a month (our autolearned-whitelist 
> forgets unused entries older than 30 days).
> Our solution was simply to not greylist mail from key clients' domains[1] and 
> to manually whitelist a few internal mail accounts (mostly sales people).  
> Beyond that, we simply ignored most cries for help from the user population 
> until after a week-or-so to give the greylist a chance to "learn" the mail 
> patterns.  Surprisingly, this worked - after a week, the flood of "my e-mail 
> hasn't arrived" messages dried up. :)

I've read somewhere that you could put greylisting in 'learn' mode. 
Woudln't that have helped?


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