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Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at NKPANAMA.COM
Tue Oct 11 20:41:58 IST 2005

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Glenn Steen wrote:

>On 10/10/05, Alex Neuman <alex at> wrote:
>>>DCC and Razor are no more free, razor hasn't been so for the past 2
>>>years and dcc for about 4 months..
>>>Heres what you need to do:
>>>Enable the DCC / RAZOR plugins in /etc/mail/spamassassin/v310.pre if you
>>>qualify for their free usage policy OR comment out the erroneous lines
>>>in spam.assassin.prefs.conf if you don't qualify.
>>Anybody care to explain why/how DCC/Razor are not free? Are they "not free
>>as in beer", "not free as in speech", or some other form of "not free"?
>Excerpts from their sites
>DCC: (in reverse order of appearance, for clarity)
>The Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse source carries a license that
>is free to organizations that do not sell filtering devices or
>services except to their own users and that participate in the global
>DCC network. (I.e. ISPs that use the DCC to filter mail for their own
>users are intended to be covered in the free license.) You also can't
>call it your own or blame anyone for using it.
>Note that it has never been proper to sell the bandwidth and, most
>important, human system administration work of the public DCC servers
>to third parties. Sellers of products or services including the DCC
>must provide DCC servers of their own or contracted from others. For
>example, Commtouch operates DCC servers for its licensees.
>Razor2: (More or less the total sum of
>Cloudmark SpamNet Service Policy
>Aug 1, 2003
>SpamNet Service and Razor-Agents
>While Razor-Agents are distributed under the Artistic License and will
>stay that way, the Cloudmark SpamNet service, a particular implementation
>of a Razor-compliant back-end, is a commercial operation with maintenance
>and support costs, and is no longer available for unlimited free use,
>effective immediately.
>Use of the SpamNet service by Razor-agent-enabled software will remain
>free for personal use, subject to capacity constraints that Cloudmark may
>enforce against intensive users of the service as it sees fit.
>Distribution or use of the system in commercial embedded software
>solutions is not free. All such access must be licensed by Cloudmark.
>Organizations interested in working with Razor or with Cloudmark's
>next-generation SpamNet client technologies should contact Cloudmark at
>partners at
>Just for completeness, lets add this blurb from the Pyzor website too:
> Pyzor is a collaborative, networked system to detect and block spam
>using identifying digests of messages.
>Pyzor initially started out to be merely a Python implementation of
>Razor, but due to the protocol and the fact that Razor's server is not
>Open Source or software libre, I decided to impelement Pyzor with a
>new protocol and release the entire system as Open Source and software
>Since the entire system is released under the GPL, people are free to
>host their own independent servers. Server peering is planned for a
>future release.
>So of them, we have one GPL (but suffering from .... other problems...
>Well, really just the scarcity of servers:-), one "free for YOUR
>users, provided you SHARE", and one "free for personal use, but not
>much else".
>This is enough "freedom" that I, for one, can use them. And it is
>strongly suggested that all you who provide commercial anti-spam
>services should be using the commercial offering for Razor and
>participate with at least a server and/or a commercial license for
>-- Glenn
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>work: glenn < dot > steen < at > ap1 < dot > se
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Ok... So unless it's for my own personal use, pyzor is the only really 
"free" one. I'll look into setting up a service on my servers in order 
to help with the load.

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