Too much uptime !

Rabellino Sergio rabellino at DI.UNITO.IT
Tue Oct 11 08:23:14 IST 2005

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Julian Field wrote:

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>High load average figures from "uptime" are not an indication at all 
>that your system is overloaded. It gives the average number of processes 
>in the run queue. If a process is waiting for disk, it adds 1. If a 
>process is waiting for network response, it adds 1. It doesn't mean 
>anything is overloaded at all.
Yes, I know, but why there are 2 MS processes always in run-queue ?
They don't go to sleep  for a while between the queue scanning ?

>A load average of 3 means there are an average of 3 processes waiting 
>for cpu, disk or network. Since you have 4 CPUs then 1 of them is idle. 
>A load of 12 to 15 on a hard-working single cpu system is perfectly 
>common, it just means that all your system resources are being 
>thoroughly used.
>I usually recommend 5 children per CPU. So you should start by setting 
>it to 20.
I was used to see a load-average between 0->1 so now I noticed a change
in this parameter and I need to understand why it happen.

>The Queue Scan Interval won't make any difference, I might remove it 
>some time. It only affects the behaviour of the system when there are 
>very few incoming messages. In all other situations it will process as 
>many messages as it can without waiting for anything. It doesn't mean 
>that MailScanner always waits 40 seconds to collect messages. If there 
>are any messages waiting at all, then they are immediately processed. 
>Leave it at 6.

>With a load average of 3 on a box with 4 cpu's, you've wasted your money 
>as at least 1 cpu isn't even doing anything. A load average of 30 or 40 
>would mean your machine is working for its dinner.
got it, captain!

>>Dear list,
>>i'm getting an high uptime on my mailscanner box, and this is a new 
>>behaviour for me.
>>The load average persist over 3.00 and my mail traffic is not so high.
>>My actual config is
>>MailScanner Rel4.45.4 - McAfee VirusScan - ClamAV cmd line - SA 3.0.4
>>Max Children = 5
>>Queue Scan Interval = 40
>>I've changed The Scan Interval from 5 seconds to 40 and the max 
>>children from 10 to 5, but without any significant change in the load.
>>My Solaris 9 box is an V440 with 4GB of ram and 4 ultrasparc CPU.
>>Where I need to investigate ? From a simple check, seems that 2 
>>MailScanner processes are statically  in O-state and three are in 
>>either R/S state: it's normal ?
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