OT: Using DCC for greylisting

Philip Hachey PHachey at CITY.CORNWALL.ON.CA
Fri Oct 7 20:12:31 IST 2005

I'm about to go ahead and reconfigure DCC so that 1) it runs at the MTA 
level and 2) acts as greylist milter for Sendmail. 

Running DCC at the MTA level (as a daemon) should be more efficient than 
having SpamAssassin call dccifd -- and I still plan on SpamAssassin using 
DCC in it's scoring which is fine, since SA looks for the presence of  a 
DCC added header (basing it's scores on that) and only queries dccifd if 
there isn't one (or for reporting).

My main motivation for running DCC at MTA is to use it's greylisting.  If 
there's anyone here who has some experience with DCC greylist features, 
would you be so kind as to share your experience?  Were there any issues 
with SpamAssassin or MailScanner?  How does it compare with other greylist 

Philip J. Hachey, BCS(High Hons)
City of Cornwall

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