Spamassassin woes

Scott Silva ssilva at SGVWATER.COM
Thu Oct 6 18:03:22 IST 2005

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Scott Silva spake the following on 10/6/2005 9:41 AM:
>>After an extended session in CPAN, things seem OK. I still don't know
>>which module was tanked, but it's fixed!
>>Thank you to all!
>>And greeting from California, USA.
>>Where any actor can aspire to Governor!
> Spoke too soon!
> Although lint tests all work, MailScanner isn't adding the URIBL scores
> into messages.
> If I take the same message and run it through lint, it shows up.
> I guess I'm going to reinstall MailScanner now.
> I think I will diff the config files for the two machines again first,
> just to make sure.

Running MailScanner in debug mode gets entries like this;

rules: failed to run URIBL_BLACK test, skipping:
        (Can't locate object method "check_uridnsbl" via package
"Mail::SpamAssassin::PerMsgStatus" at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/Mail/SpamAssassin/ line 2581.

But if I pipe the same message into a lint, it works fine.

BUMP, BUMP, SLAM! (Head banging against wall)

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