MS + SA 3.1 high loads on startup, SA 3.1 is CRAPITO!

Michael Freeman admin at
Sun Oct 2 17:58:33 IST 2005

I’ve never had these high loads when starting up MS. Ever since our
boxes was upgraded by Cpanel to SA 3.1 our MS takes forever to start. The
loads skyrocket on the server when you restart /etc/init.d/MailScanner
start | restart. At times you cannot restart MS because you get  SIGUPS
all though the maillog. Instead, you have to shut down MS, killall -9
MailScanner, then start it. Once MS starts it spawns processes that eat
up CPU like crazy. This lasts for 10 – 20min finally after you see
these entries in your maillog;


Oct  2 12:41:12 srv05 MailScanner[16884]: Creating hardcoded struct_flock
subroutine for linux (Linux-type)

Oct  2 12:41:28 srv05 MailScanner[17234]: Using locktype = posix


MS finally eases up on the load and the boxes returns to a respectable


All I can is that that since our boxes were upgraded to SA 3.1 we have
had nothing but load issues with MS. Not sure what SA 3.1 has done but it
seems like they are screwing up everything.


Anyone else notice this?

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