MailScanner + Sendmail-8.12.8-4

Alfred Orimbo orimbo at ARCC.OR.KE
Sat Oct 1 17:22:42 IST 2005

Hallo all.
I have just insttalled MailScanner, and I run sendmail-8.12.8-4. 
After stoping Sendmail, mails come in ok, but are held up in /var/spool/ How do i modify the script that starts sendmail to enable the scanned mails go to /var/spool/mqueue? Does MailScanner work with sendmail-8.12.8-4?

My OS is Linux 9.0 (Shrike) and MailScanner-

The combination is MailScanner+Sendmail+SpamAssassin. I do not have problem with SpamaAssassin.


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