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I typically run at 6-8 load during peak hours which typically hasn't
been a problem.  Recently (sober.z/ we've been seeing elevated
load due to a 200% increase in messages (mostly virus related).  This
manifests itself by pushing the load up to ~10 and queueing in the

We had some success by increasing the child procs and the number of
messages handled by each batch.  We also removed some old semi-expensive
custom rawbody and body rules to lighten the load on the box slightly.
To improve IO we temporarily disabled writing files to the quarantine.  

If you are strapped for good hardware, you can always run another small
MailScanner box and split your mail between the two via DNS.  

I would imagine you should be able to get a bit more out of your box.  I
also expect to be able to get more out of ours.  I am putting the
MailScanner book on my xmas list this year and hoping for a chapter on
performance tuning.  :)  


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Hey Guys,

Im getting a throughput of around 35-40k messages per day max The server
is a dual p3 600Mhz with 1gig RAM Max Children is set as 14..
Running on Fedora Core 2 with postfix and clamav for antivirus

Does this sound about right? Its barley keeping up with loads And
sometimes falls behind..
Load averages are always between 3-7
Do I need a new server or is there some way I can get more out of this
one with current hardware?


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