Greylisting with MailScanner, Sendmail, Spamassassin

Kosta Lekas KLekas at FOXRIVER.COM
Tue Nov 15 14:29:01 GMT 2005


I'm using the latest version of MailScanner with
Sendmail and Spamassassin (and pyzor and razor). 

I've just recently enabled DCC to support greylisting,
but I can't see whether it's actually working or not
and am not sure how to test it.

Under MailScanner, sendmail is run in background
queueing mode, and the greylisting works (I think) by
modifying sendmail to query DCC and if found to be
"grey", rejects the message.

But MailScanner is the one that listens on port 25, I
believe it then forwards the message to the virus
scanner first? then SA? which uses DCC, razor and
pyzor to determine whether the message is spam?

But the way greylisting is supposed to work is at the
mailer level (no content scanning), so I'm wondering
how we're supposed to get this running with
MailScanner like this?

I appreciate any feedback.


One way to find out if DCC is working is by greping your maillog for

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