Problem with HTML messages and MailScanner 4.47.4

Mon Nov 14 20:13:05 GMT 2005

I could reinstall it from scratch as it does nothing else but run
MailScanner. The problem with a reinstall is that the server is in a remote
datacentre and im not planning a visit there for at least a week or so. If I
need to flatten the box and reinstall then I will do that, but ill try
removing and reinstalling the Perl modules first.

Any ideas as to which module could be the likely culprit or are there
multiple possibilities?



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Sounds like have corrupted one or more of the Perl modules required by 
it. You will need to uninstall the Perl modules so that can 
reinstall them.

How much else does this box do? Could you just reinstall it from scratch?

YAN wrote:

>I have been using MailScanner 4.43.8 for a while without any problems and
>decided to upgrade to 4.47.4.
>The first upgrade attempt was not done using the script, instead
>I just extracted the MailScanner-4.47.4-2.tar.gz from the perl directory of
>the MailScanner-install-4.47.4-2.tar.gz and edited the conf files for my
>system. I changed the MailScanner symlink in /opt to reflect the new
>and the problem started.
>If the format of mail entering my MailScanner box is text or rich text then
>it is processed and delivered correctly. If the format is html then I get
>the following in my /var/log/maillog
>Nov 12 16:11:12 beckham MailScanner[5232]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus Scanner
>version 4.47.4 starting... 
>Nov 12 16:11:12 beckham MailScanner[5083]: New Batch: Scanning 1 messages,
>1459 bytes 
>Nov 12 16:11:12 beckham MailScanner[5232]: Read 680 hostnames from the
>phishing whitelist 
>Nov 12 16:11:12 beckham MailScanner[5232]: Config: calling custom init
>function SQLBlacklist 
>Nov 12 16:11:12 beckham MailScanner[5232]: Starting up SQL Blacklist 
>Nov 12 16:11:13 beckham MailScanner[5232]: Read 2986 blacklist entries 
>Nov 12 16:11:13 beckham MailScanner[5232]: Config: calling custom init
>function MailWatchLogging 
>Nov 12 16:11:13 beckham MailScanner[5232]: Started SQL Logging child 
>Nov 12 16:11:13 beckham MailScanner[5232]: Config: calling custom init
>function SQLWhitelist 
>Nov 12 16:11:13 beckham MailScanner[5232]: Starting up SQL Whitelist 
>Nov 12 16:11:13 beckham MailScanner[5232]: Read 13 whitelist entries 
>Nov 12 16:11:13 beckham MailScanner[5232]: Using locktype = flock 
>This is repeated continually but the html message(s) never actually get
>processed or delivered. I have MailScanner set to have 5 processes but when
>html messages are encountered, the running processes seem to spawn new
>MailScanner processes. Some of these processes seem to die and leave the
>following in /var/log/messages
>Nov 13 18:05:53 beckham root: Process did not exit cleanly, returned 255
>with signal 0 
>Nov 13 18:11:38 beckham root: Process did not exit cleanly, returned 9 with
>signal 0
>This will continue until I manually move the 'stuck' html emails from
>/var/spool/ at which point the logging stops and the MailScanner
>processes return to normal (until a new html message is received).
>Since the initial install I have ran the script to ensure that
>perl dependencies are missing, which completes without error but I still
>cant process html emails. At this point the problem gets even weirder....
>This particular MailScanner box is a semi-production box so until a fix
>could be found I tried to revert back to the last known working install of
>MailScanner, namely 4.43.8. This version has now also developed the dislike
>of html emails. Other than the attempted upgrade of MailScanner, nothing
>else has been changed on the box. It only acts as a MailScanner and nobody
>else has access to it to be able to change/install anything without my
>As I was now having the same problem with both versions I decided to
>with the newer version (4.47.4). Debug shows the same log entries shown
>above and doesn't show any further information. I can force MailScanner
>4.47.4 to process html emails by using Scan Messages = no (obviously this
>doesn't do any scanning) but the html emails are then processed and
>I cant seem to find what is causing this issue and hope that someone may
>have seen this before or be able to point me in the right direction to fix
>Details of the box are:
>Perl v5.8.2
>Sendmail v 8.12.11
>Any help/ideas will be greatly appreciated and further information will be
>supplied if needed.

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