upgrade info request

Jon Miller jlmiller at MMTNETWORKS.COM.AU
Wed Nov 9 02:36:33 GMT 2005

I'm looking to upgrade MailScanner and Spamassassin on a Debian 3.1, it was installed by someone else and they no longer work here.  So this has landed in my lap, so pardon my lack of the correct term.
I've noticed that using apt-get does not upgrade to the latest version for SA or MS.
Is this done primary through compiling tar files or Perl installation?

mail:/etc/MailScanner# sa-learn --version
SpamAssassin version 3.0.3

mail:/etc/MailScanner# MailScanner --version
Running on
Linux mail 2.4.25-bf2.4-lit #2 Tue Feb 24 16:40:45 WST 2004 i686 GNU/Linux
This is Perl version 5.008004 (5.8.4)

This is MailScanner version 4.41.3
Module versions are:
1.00    AnyDBM_File
1.14    Archive::Zip
1.02    Carp
1.119   Convert::BinHex
1.00    DirHandle
1.05    Fcntl
2.72    File::Basename
2.07    File::Copy
2.01    FileHandle
1.06    File::Path
0.14    File::Temp
1.29    HTML::Entities
3.45    HTML::Parser
2.30    HTML::TokeParser
1.21    IO
1.10    IO::File
1.123   IO::Pipe
1.62    Mail::Header
3.04    MIME::Base64
5.417   MIME::Decoder
5.417   MIME::Decoder::UU
5.417   MIME::Head
5.417   MIME::Parser
3.03    MIME::QuotedPrint
5.417   MIME::Tools
0.10    Net::CIDR
1.08    POSIX
1.77    Socket
0.05    Sys::Syslog
1.02    Time::localtime

Optional module versions are:
1.808   DB_File
1.06    Digest
missing Digest::HMAC
2.33    Digest::MD5
2.10    Digest::SHA1
missing Inline
missing Mail::ClamAV
3.000003        Mail::SpamAssassin
missing Mail::SPF::Query
missing Net::CIDR::Lite
missing Net::DNS
missing Net::LDAP
missing Parse::RecDescent
missing SAVI
missing Sys::Hostname::Long
2.40    Test::Harness
0.47    Test::Simple
1.95    Text::Balanced
missing URI

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