Revisit: Spam with negative score

Chris W. Parker cparker at SWATGEAR.COM
Fri Nov 4 00:36:58 GMT 2005


Again I'm having issues with emails being marked as spam even though
they end up having a negative score (sometimes as much as -10). Last
time it was because emails were being found on spam lists and that is
under control. This time the emails are not being found on any lists and
on top of that the email address is whitelisted. The only thing I see in
the logs that MailScanner might be flagging the email for is the

Nov  3 13:58:42 localhost MailScanner[20826]: Message jA3LwZp6025097
( at
com) is whitelisted
Nov  3 13:58:52 localhost MailScanner[20826]: <A> tag found in message
jA3LwZp6025097 from at

I searched the archives and Google and looked through MailScanner.conf
but didn't find anything that made it apparent how I can solve this.


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