MailScanner ANNOUNCE: Stable 4.47 released

Julian Field jules at
Tue Nov 1 09:08:53 GMT 2005

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I have just released the latest stable edition of MailScanner, 4.47.

The main changes this month are:
* Automatic updating of phishing safe sites list. All changes you make to
this file will be kept in the updates, which will happen nightly on Linux
systems. Solaris and other admins will need to add a cron job for this
* Improvements to various installation and init.d scripts to save you work
and make the initial installation easier.
* Fixed a few bugs including the "Highlight Phishing Fraud" problem and
the "Max Attachments" problem.

Download as usual from

Please note this is not currently a redirect to another website, but is
all hosted under itself. This is due to extensive
fire damage.

The full Change Log is this:

* New Features and Improvements *
- Automatically updates your file with new additions
  (and any subsequent deletions) from a master file I keep on All your local changes and additions will be kept of
  course, it will just add any new sites listed in my master list. If you
  to *not* list a site which is in my master list, just put a "REMOVE"
  line in your and that will make it ignore any
  listing for that appears in my master list.
  Updates are done once per day.
- Quietened ClamAV log output when it scans 0-length files.
- Improved ClamAV+SA to add the 3 missing plugins to init.pre.
- Improved init.d scripts for RedHat and SuSE so they setup the queue dir
  ownerships automatically and generally help new users get started without
  them having to follow all the instructions to the letter.
- Added news about fire at ECS and moved all hosting out of Southampton.

* Fixes *
- Corrected rare problem where an empty X-MailScanner-SpamCheck header
  could appear in a non-spam email.
- Problem with empty or null filename.rules.conf or filetype.rules.conf
- Problem with Max Attachments setting not be honoured fixed.
- Problem with "Highlight Phishing Fraud" being ignored fixed.

(currently or

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