A well-hung MailScanner :-(

Mike Brudenell pmb1 at YORK.AC.UK
Wed Nov 2 18:09:47 GMT 2005

Greetings -

--On 2 November 2005 17:39:37 +0000 Martin Hepworth 
<martinh at SOLID-STATE-LOGIC.COM> wrote:

> Hmm by default MS will install/update the Sophos stuff to
> /usr/local/Sophos ...... are you sure that's local (I mean not on the
> filer). MS tends to get upset if it's not in that location.

I think you're thinking of using the install.sh script or a package: I use 
neither but instead prefer to unpack and un-tar the tar archive.

There is *no* part of the MailScanner distribution on /usr/local (which in 
non-local, being NFS-mounted); it really is all unpacked onto /opt/york 
(which _is_ on local disk).

--On 2 November 2005 17:41:32 +0000 Steve Freegard <smf at F2S.COM> wrote:

> Have you got the 'lsof' (list open files) and 'lslk' (list locks)
> installed (I don't know anything about Solaris) - as these usually help
> me out in cases like this.

We have lsof (not sure about lslk).  The trouble is that MailScanner 
doesn't seem to have anything outstanding as far as I can see ... it worked 
just fine when the filer was down apart from when the hourly Sophos update 
triggered.  There seems to be 'something' related directly to this event 
that's the problem.

Unfortunately at the time I didn't realise it had hung, do didn't login to 
try and work out what was wrong.  I've only discovered the hang after the 
filer was restored to service, by which time whatever was hanging now isn't 
and nothing else MailScanner-related seems to be trying to gets its sticky 
fingers on /usr/local.

I guess what I really need is for our filer to die again.
(I hope my colleague who was fighting it all morning doesn't read that! ;-)

Mike B-)

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