Best Virus Scanners to use with MailScanner

Steen, Glenn Glenn.Steen at AP1.SE
Tue Jun 14 11:42:44 IST 2005

Julian Field wrote:
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> This is an age-old question, but you will find a lot of MailScanner
> systems depend on ClamAV and BitDefender (for cost reasons) and one
> other that varies. I personally recommend Sophos or F-Prot, they are
> my favourites.
> McAfee seems to be unreliable as they aren't very fast about putting
> out updates, and they have this funny system or normal virus
> siganture files and "extra" ones when they feel like it. Other people
> can comment on McAfee better than I can.

Since a while back they've gone to daily updates, which has greatly
reduced the need for the pesky "extra.dat" files. They're still a bit
slow when it comes to updates, but less bad than they used to be.

> We have a site licence for Sophos, which as a University did not cost
> us much for what I reckon is a very good product.
> I would recommend *against* using Panda, it's diabolical. Poor old
> Rick Cooper seems to spend a lot of his time trying to get the virus
> detection working properly with Panda, due to their stupid output
> system. 

Rick has made this viable as a 4:th or 5:th scanner IMO. If you already
have a Panda license, it's not that bad... Unless, of course, you try
the old wrapper... Look at
(all on one line, of course:) for my views on versions of MS (which
be wrong:-), and the necessary one-line "mini-patch" etc.
You perhaps shouldn't rely on it as the sole saviour, but it should be
at least marginally useable.

> Michael H. Martel wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I'm looking at making sure we get as few viruses as possible.  To
>> which end we're currently using ClamAV, McAfee, BitDefender, and
>> F-Prot as our Virus Scanners.  What do people consider to be the best
>> AV packages to use with MailScanner ?
>> Thanks!
>> Michael
I'd say you're pretty well protected already. I've been running with
"only" ClamAV, McAfee and BitDefender for approx a year now, without
anything slipping through. Sure sometimes only one will catch a new
variant, but one is enough:-). And they've all taken turns being first.

-- Glenn

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