Generic spam plug-in

Felix Schwarz Felix.Schwarz at WEB.DE
Sun Jun 5 20:14:46 IST 2005

Hi Julian,

Julian Field wrote:
> If I write you folks a generic way of adding in a spam-processing
> plugin, how would you like it to work?

VERY cool btw! Currently I'm using DSPAM for spam detection and there
were some many situations where I wished that it would be integrated
into MailScanner...

> A command-line or a function call?

function call because I have separate user profiles for spam scanning
and I have to do some mysql lookups. If I could save the overhead of
starting a external interpreter script that would be nice.

> How do you want the envelope data? (client ip, sender, recipients)

Hash? Or maybe a 'request object'?

> Returns a spam yes/no flag, or a score to add to SpamAssassin?

I think it should be possible to completely replace SpamAssassin but
an additional SpamAssassin score may be helpful too.

One thing I would like to have control over is changing the message
headers and/or the message content. DSPAM for example adds an ID into
the mail body and the header so that should be possible using the
plugin interface.

> How do you actually want this interface to work?



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