Spam actions when destinations have different thresholds

Matt Hampton matt at CODERS.CO.UK
Fri Jul 29 13:42:19 IST 2005

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Jules wrote:

>This code has some calls to a couple of bits of other code in it, but  
>it is pretty obvious what it does. It's from our Custom Function to  
>auto-delete spam for individual users at the gateway.
>It calls Address2Threshold which takes an email address and returns  
>the Required SpamAssassin Score value for that email address.
<snip code>

Thanks for this. Still doesn't solve the issue of tagging or not.

Do people see this as an issue - I can't see that I am the only one who 
is going to want to do this.  I don't mind hacking the code but I guess 
this is probably some signifcant changes so I wanted some feedback 
before I started delving in to the deep dark depths of Julian's code.

Currently I can only see two ways of doing it - forcing the incoming MTA 
to split the envelope (not ideal) or MS spawing multiple messages.


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