Spam actions when destinations have different thresholds

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Matt Hampton wrote:

> Evening
> Can someone point me in the right direction (I have looked in the 
> archives,wiki and FAQ)
> Scenario:
> Rule for spam thresholds as follows (not correct syntax)
> To: abcd at    5
> To: efgh at    7
> Mailscanner is configured to tag the subject line for spam.
> An email is sent to both abcd at and efgh at in 
> the SAME envelope.  The score it achieves is 6.
> Some quick tests that I have done (and thanks to blacknight for 
> looking as well) shows that it triggers on the first recipient.
> Any ideas how to address this.  I was thinking of doing something with 
> sendmail queues:
> inbound emails ->
> -> mqueue.split (moved by a queue runner and .split has a 
> max recipent of 1)
> MailScanner then monitors mqueue.split.
> This is obviously going to have a hit on throughput (and 
> bandwidth/disk space) but at the moment this is the only way I can see 
> of doing this.

I have got some code somewhere that shows you how to remove recipients 
individually from a sendmail message in MailScanner. You could use that 
in a Custom Function on "Spam Actions" to remove a set of users which 
you work out somehow.

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