Version Performance

Leonardo Helman mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Wed Jul 27 13:44:17 IST 2005

Hi I have been seen a small drop in performance
between MS4-37.7/SA-3.02 to MS-4.44-1/SA-3.04

Under very heavy load we had been procesing about  15500 mails 
per hour, but with the new setup that number gets only to 13400 

There where no changes at MTA, or the machine. 
I only change MS+SA+some perl modules
Compress-Zlib, ExtUtils-MakeMaker File-Spec File-Temp IO-stringy
MailTools MIME-Base64 Storable Time-HiRes

All the surbls/rbls are the same.

The other rules are all the same but the default ones.

I'm triyng to see where the problem is. (modules? SA? MS?)

Has anyone seen this behaviour?

Leonardo Helman
Pert Consultores

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