kaspersky 5.5 Virusscan

Norbert Schmidt norbert.schmidt at IS-TELEDATA.COM
Wed Jul 27 12:46:01 IST 2005

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Hi everybody,

I've installed kaspersky-5.5 on a debian/sage box together with

The scanner is licensed and working and running
/etc/MailScanner/wrapper/kaspersky-wrapper /opt/kav/5.5/kav4unix/
gives me a result on stdout with a Scan summary stateing Infected=1 , so
the scanner is working, but when sending a tesmail with eicar.com.txt,
only clamav and bitdefender messages are integrated into the mail.
Did the answer-format change from kaspersky-4.5 to 5.5???

It seems to me that mailscanner main-program ignores or does not
understand the output of the wrapper-kaspersky script....

Any help appreciated


IS-Teledata AG
Stollwerckstr. 7
D-51149 Köln

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