Three-way match headache

Chuck Foster chuck.foster at STREAMSHIELD.COM
Wed Jul 27 12:16:07 IST 2005


I have a scenario whereby we are now looking at customers being able to
configure per-user rules, but this has thrown up a headache in how to
handle some potential rules for outgoing messages.

Taking sender notification, for example, in the old, per-domain only
environment it was enough to simply set something like:

	From: and From: domain	yes

but now we effectively need something like:

	From: and From: user at domain and To: otherdomain

which from what I can tell isn't possible in MailScanner, as it doesn't
handle three conditions as yet anyway, you can't do multiple lines with
a 'continue' like statement, and can't call another ruleset within the
existing one (which would have been quite useful in this context

Any thoughts?


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