PostFix/Pipe problem

Tom Carroll cgbmtom at SPAMCOP.NET
Mon Jul 25 17:26:32 IST 2005

On Monday, July 25, 2005 4:36 AM Glenn Steen wrote:

> (snip)
> > I have done a grep of nearly every file on my system and I cannot find
> any
> > other config file that has the ccfilter string in it except the
> > and it is commented out.  I had a moment of clarity and decided to grep
> the
> > deferred queue, and low-and-behold, each message in the deferred queue
> has a
> > ccfilter entry in it.  Any idea why?  Can I manually edit each message
> and
> > delete that string so it can be delivered to its destination?
> >
> (snip)
> Ok, that's an artefact from the initial (wrong) config then.
> I assume you've tried "postsuper -r ALL" without success? If so, all I
> can think of that would potentially "fix" things for those messages
> would be to manually (hex-)edit the files... A PITA, if you ask me:).
> Or just read them with postcat and "recreate the messages" from that
> (shouldn't be _too_ complicated a shell-wrapper:-).

Actually once I found my solution it was a piece of cake!  It was an
artifact of the old config.
> DISCLAIMER: I'm just back from vacation, so head might not be screwed
> on right/tight, nor brain turned on...:-)

Heh, I know the feeling!  Thanks!


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