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On Sun, 2005-07-24 at 14:31 -1000, Tom Carroll wrote:

> I run my own mail server with my own domain through dyndns.  I have two
> pre-teen children who have begun playing online games and chatting with
> friends.  I see the number of spam messages increasing and I want to put a
> stop to the majority of the risk of having the system accepting dangerous
> e-mails.
> Since this is my server and I am only serving to my family, I want to block
> certain tld's from sending mail to us.  I know the political backlash I can
> get for stating this, but this system is private, therefore I do not have to
> accept something if I do not want it.
> Can mailscanner do this for me?  I believe PostFix can, but it appears my
> server is currently accepting everything that is sent to it, processing it
> and then sending out a bounce message.  I do not want to receive anything on
> my server until I determine it is something I want.  I do not know if
> MailScanner is able to be the sentry at the front door that I need.  To me
> it appears it is the sentry in the lobby rejecting the unwanted after it has
> already entered the lobby.  Bad for security...

You can configure postfix to block directly and then use MailScanner for
dealing with everything else ie. stop mail from certain countries at the
MTA level and the check the content of the mail that gets past your
initial blocks.

I put this together after doing something vaguely similar:


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