How to add X-Spam-Status?

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Fri Jul 22 18:46:02 IST 2005

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Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
>>Please read the comments immediately above the spam actions settings.  
>>It clearly describes a "header" spam action which will do what you want.
> I know that, Julian... That's what we've been talking about on this
> thread. It's not the "how", it's the "with what" we're trying to find out.
> I'm just asking if anybody knows what the "magic header" would be for
> Mozilla/TB/O2K3 to tell a default configuration that a message is in
> fact spam without resorting to changing the headers. That way even a
> default MUA configuration would "understand" when a message is spam and
> send it to a junk folder. It would be more transparent to the end users,
> and would make the system "appear" to be "intelligent" to the "uneducated".

AFIAK there is no such magic bullet header supported by Thunderbird in it's
default setup.

I doubt that O2k3 has any such feature either.

You're going to have to create a rule that checks a header and moves the
offending messages to junk. I don't think anyone has a standard "If this
appears, auto-junk it without further consideration" header.

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