Spamassasin seems not to work.

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Fri Jul 22 14:42:54 IST 2005

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Lance Haig wrote on         Fri, 22 Jul 2005 10:45:50 +0100:

> My initial statement was not clear I admit. I do not see any mention in 
> my log of email being scanned and sent through Spamassassin. It just 
> shows that the mail was scanned bu the Virus tools.

There should be something like this when spam is found:
Jul 22 13:53:55 n8 MailScanner[30280]: New Batch: Scanning 1 messages, 
5265 bytes
Jul 22 13:53:59 n8 MailScanner[30280]: Spam Checks: Found 1 spam messages
Jul 22 13:53:59 n8 MailScanner[30280]: Virus and Content Scanning: 

The "Spam Checks" line will be missing when it's ham.

> I have recieved some spam to my mailbox and on looking at ther header I 
> noticed that there was no line for spamassassin. This would normaly be 
> there. 

Only if it got detected as spam. Have you double-checked in the 
MailScanner.conf that Mailscanner should "Use Spamassassin" and do Sapm 
Tests? Sorry, I don't have the exact option names memorize, but if you 
walk thru the file it should be clear which ones I mean.

Apart from that I strongly suggest installing Mailwatch ( 
this will make monitoring your Mailscanner installation *much* more 


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