off topic: postfix and email to multiple recipients

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at NETMAGICSOLUTIONS.COM
Thu Jul 21 18:56:16 IST 2005

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Pete Russell wrote:
> Hi Steve, dod yuou ever resolve this issue with postfix? I am really 
> keen to fix this.
> I ran the smtpd_recipient_limit = 1 for a few weeks but a number of 
> hosts start failing to send untill you increase the limit :(
> Any other ideas for fixing this in postfix?
> Heres hoping
> Pete

This was discussed earlier without any conclusions and you were a part 
of the thread..

One possible way i see it being done is a hack to split messages per 
recipient after being deposited in the hold directory. A separate 
process will pickup messages from /var/spool/postfix/hold, effectively 
split them and then put them in another hold directory say 
/var/spool/postfix/holdms (which can be used as the postfix incoming dir 
parameter in MS.conf). Perhaps a plugin / custom function that can do 
this (any perl gurus wanting to work on this?)??

In any case i see an increase in resources used since it'll require:
a. resources to effectively split the message and create an unique 
queue-id for each message.
b. logging this split to syslog (IO)
c. to move messages (more IO)
d. MailScanner to work on more messages

This functionality is also a TODO for amavisd-new (check towards the end 
of this page

Your best bet is to try what Ugo is doing.. evaluate exim ;-)

- dhawal

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