Wiki exim request

Christian Schmidt at CHEMIE.UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Thu Jul 21 14:57:20 IST 2005

Hello Ugo,

Ugo Bellavance, 21.07.2005 (d.m.y):

> Thanks Christian.

You're welcome.
I'm always trying to return something to the community, but I often
lack the time...

> I suppose this is for exim4.

Yes, it's for exim4.

> Is exim3 still widely in use?

on the exim-users mailing list, each question concerning exim3 is
answered in this manner:
exim3 has not been developed for roundabout three years. Switch to
exim4. ;-)

Nevertheless, there is an exi3 package in Debian's stable
distribution to ensure a working upgrade from old stable (Woody) to
stable (Sarge).

> I'll put that up on the wiki if there is no one against.

OK, but please add an annotation that this router definition is very
"rudimentary"... ;-)

Christian Schmidt

Der Frieden kann bei uns nicht ausbrechen, weil er viel zu gut
gesichert ist!

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