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Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Thu Jul 21 14:14:16 IST 2005

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Christian Schmidt wrote:
> Hello Ugo,
> Ugo Bellavance, 20.07.2005 (d.m.y):
>>Christian Schmidt wrote:
>>>Ugo Bellavance, 20.07.2005 (d.m.y):
>>>>I can't easily find where to configure it to send scanned messages
>>>>directly to the other mail server (e.g. Exchange).
>>>Just add a corresponding router (manualroute) to the exim
>>>configuration that is responsible for outgoing mails (= mails that
>>>have been scanned by MailScanner).
>>I don't know exim at all.  I can't write that in the wiki this way :(.
>>Could you write to the list the complete procedure with an example
> This snippet has to be placed in the ROUTERS section of the
> configuration file that configures the "delivering" instance of exim,
> i.e. the instance that MailScanner "passes" the mails to after
> scanning for viri and spam.
> # Router for eMails to some.special.domain:
> special_router:
>   driver = manualroute
>   domains = some.special.domain
>   transport = remote_smtp
>   route_list = "*"
> This tells exim that mail to addresses with the domain part
> "some.special.domain" shall be delivered via a "manualroute" to the
> host "".
> This router must be placed first in the ROUTERS section. The above
> example is a very minimalistic one, but it works for me...
> More information can be found in the docs on <>.
> There are examples, too...
> Regards,
> Christian Schmidt

Thanks Christian.  I suppose this is for exim4.  Is exim3 still widely
in use?

I'll put that up on the wiki if there is no one against.




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