Postfix help required.

Pete Russell pete at ENITECH.COM.AU
Thu Jul 21 14:23:39 IST 2005

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I know this has been raised a few times, but i think its important 
enough to pursue. As described clearly by Steve below.

Stephen Swaney wrote:
 > Quite a while back there was a discussion on this list regarding 
using the
 > MTA to split incoming emails to multiple recipients into individual
 > messages, one per recipient, before dropping the messages into 
 > incoming queue.

I have tried running smtpd_recipient_limit = 1 for a few weeks, but this 
is no good for high volume mail sites and i have encountered at least 2 
hosts that just refuse to send us mail unless the limit is raised back 
to the default 100 (as required by the rfc).

Below Dhawal quotes some discussion on the postfix list that discuss the 
possiblity of a using a content filter to seperate the mail after it has 
been recieved. Could this be used to seperate before the mail is queued 
in the HOLD dir?

Specifically anyone who knows how to manipulate script, please have a 
look in the 2nd link below - do you think this could be easily used to 
achieve the desired effect? If so how?

Dhawal Doshy wrote:
 > here is a thread on the neohapsis postfix archives, which if i
 > understand correctly requires the same functionality..
 > Follow this thread..
 > And read these 2 messages in particular

I guess the other possibility is to have 2 postfix instances - the 2nd 
running as per normal MailScanner config but on a different port, the 
first as a postifix relay with default_destination_recipient_limit = 1 
to split the mail as it is delivered to the 2nd <--seems overly 
complicated and messy :(

Sorry for the long post and for raising this again, but its becoming a 
limitation at my site.

Looking forward to any suggestions

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