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Wayne wayne at NIGHTSOL.NET
Wed Jul 20 11:38:52 IST 2005

On 19/07/2005 19:02, "Alex Neuman van der Hans" <alex at> wrote:

> Could it be a MIME::Somethingsomething problem? Perhaps your perl
> modules are not all up to date. You also don't mention mailscanner
> versions, etc.

MIME-Tools is the latest version..
MailScanner version is 4.43.6-1
Clamav 0.86.1
Postfix 2.0.18-4
Fedora Core 2

I think its because quickmail can sometimes use non-standard ways to send a
mail as part of its quickmail office features for updating contacts etc..

Anybody have any ideas on where to go with this? Quickmail forums are not
much help and would be great to specifically find out whats going wrong..


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