How to investigate timeouts?

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Wed Jul 20 00:37:22 IST 2005

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2005/7/19, Jody Cleveland <Cleveland at>:
> > Then, what is 'mail'?
> 'mail' is the Exchange server.

Somewhat strange setup (to my eues at least:)... Perhaps consider
completely hiding the exchange (split DNS etc).

> > What kind of problem exactly?  A spamassassin timeout?  I think that
> > most of the people will have their MailScanner send scanned mail
> > directly to the destination server (the exchange in your case).
> Either a timeout, or hardware failure, lockup, whatever.

The only timeout you've showed so far is a postfix one... which is
pretty normal (since you don't control what is in the other end of
that conversation). Scott probably has the right of this.... Spammers
hitting your highest MX.

> > You should give a priority to fix your timeouts first.  Please
> > give us more details on the timeouts so that we can help you with
> that.  Once your
> > timeout issues are solved, you'll be able to deliver directly from
> > destiny to your exchange.
Hear hear!-):-)

> I looked at one message that ended up going through mystique, rather
> than destiny. Here's the header:
> Jul 19 15:39:26 mystique MailScanner[4996]: Spam Actions: message
Detects one spam message and does what you've told it to do....
> Since there's no mention of it on destiny, is there a message to search
> for in the maillog that may indicate the message timing out, or other
> problems? Is there a different log file for errors?
> - jody
Since you've looked and found nothing (on destiny, and probably not on
mail either), you've just proved Scotts point;).
Nothing to lose sleep over.
-- Glenn
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