How to investigate timeouts?

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Tue Jul 19 21:01:33 IST 2005

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Jody Cleveland wrote:
>>I am just trying to reframe your words to make myself clearer 
>>about your problem
> I really appreciate everyone's help with this.
>>1) You mean to say you have Destiny as the primary MX and Mystique as
>>the secondary MX ?
> From
> [Preference = 20]
> [Preference = 10]
> [Preference = 15]

Then, what is 'mail'?

>>When mail hits on Destiny some problem oocurs (it can be a connection
>>time out or a busy server ) and  the mail goes to Mystique instead.
>>But in normal scenarios when there is no load or much traffic on the
>>server you are observing that the mail still goes to mystique.
> Close. Mail goes to mail.winn... Then get's bounced to destiny. Destiny
> scans that mail, then sends it off to mail.winn... Mystique.winn... Is
> only there as a fail safe in case there's a problem with destiny. Does
> that make any sense?

What kind of problem exactly?  A spamassassin timeout?  I think that
most of the people will have their MailScanner send scanned mail
directly to the destination server (the exchange in your case).  You
should give a priority to fix your timeouts first.  Please give us more
details on the timeouts so that we can help you with that.  Once your
timeout issues are solved, you'll be able to deliver directly from
destiny to your exchange.

>>2) Is Destiny and Mystique directly available on the Internet via MX
> Yes.
> - jody


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