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Daniel Straka dstraka at
Fri Jul 15 21:24:24 IST 2005

Julian, and list,

I know you're all getting tired of my postings so I'll make this my last 
intrusion on this topic.

I don't want to offend anyone on this list, but the comments sent back 
about my suggestion (see bottom) are a bit programmer-anal. How 
about just keeping it simple? A nice simple line file delimited by quotes 
or whatever character, like:

" viagra "
" vagara "
" cialis "
"sweeter tasting sperm" (this one offended many, damn spammers)
" cum "
" porn "
" ejaculation "
" orgasms "

This is the kind of content that gets through to my users. None of this 
needs to arrive in a mailbox. I don't really care about assigning a 
"score" to spam like SpamAssassin does, I want to delete messages 
that contian words or phrases like this. These aren't going to match 
any other words or phrases since they have spaces before and after 
single words and it's simple. Mail admins don't have to write a line of 
"code" to enable a keyword rule.
How about the email with a spoofed Reply-to field that 
spam.blacklist.rules can't touch...but...the from address is the one we 
really need to be blacklisting? This would work great!

Thanks everybody!,


Since you already have an option to scan the messages for potentially
dangerous content, I think it would be very useful to have an option to
scan the messages for offensive text based on a file which contains a 
list of offensive words and the message deleted if found. I understand 
it would not have the scoring capabilities that SA has, but honestly, any 
email arriving here with the word viagra in it would never be missed! 
Could this be a future enhancement?

Dan Straka
Academic Systems Specialist
Casper College
(307) 268-2399

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