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Mon Jul 11 16:28:54 IST 2005

On 11 Jul 2005, at 16:08, Billy A. Pumphrey wrote:

> Maybe I am misunderstanding the 'importance' or 'function' of MCP.  I
> remember when I start my admin job and there was Symantec spam  
> filtering
> setup on the exchange server.  I was like, oh yeah we going to get  
> that
> spam.  So I started filtering words like sex, pu***, free, and so on.
> Then it made a little chaos because that did not work and got good
> emails.  I do not want to do this with MCP, so I was thinking that  
> there
> might be files for MCP as there are .cf's for rules for spamassassin.

MCP is done so that it is entirely up to you to add rules that do  
what you want. There are no pre-defined sets of standard rules that  
you can copy. For example, you might want to stop all mail leaving  
your company that contains the name of sensitive projects perhaps.

If all you are trying to do is to stop porn leaving or entering your  
site, you are probably better off using SpamAssassin and increase the  
score of some of the anti-porn rules.
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