SpamAssassin Timeouts

Erik van der Leun evanderleun at HAL9000.NL
Mon Jul 11 09:31:18 IST 2005

Hi y'all :)
(no, not American, just mondayish :P )

Thanks for all your suggestions and feedback...

In the meanwhile I've learned a bit more about the debugging and --lint 
of spamassassin, and I've got a nice up to date installation :P

It seems to have turned out to be my own fault (logically), as I changed
my installation a while ago from the regular way of using the tarfile to
the Gentoo way...
My MailScanner.conf was a mess... it still had a couple of links to a path
I no longer used but still was in existence... I've used the clean configuration
file as brought with the package and worked my way through it again...

So... eh... it appears... that I'm a... anyway, It's been my own fault...

My apologies and thanks for the help :)

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