MailScanner-MRTG new testing release

Kevin Spicer kevin at KEVINSPICER.CO.UK
Sat Jul 9 14:00:31 IST 2005

Hi all,

I've just uploaded the latest MailScanner-MRTG UNSTABLE release
(0.11.00) to sourceforge for the brave amongst you to test ;)

You can download the tarball or rpm at

This testing release contains the initial implementation of the 
new alarm functionality. This allows the user to specify thresholds 
(high or low) beyond which an alarm is triggered.  There are two 
levels of alarm, warning or critical.  At this stage alarms are only 
indicated by a coloured bar on the web page, I plan to add additional 
alert capability in a future release.

Note that this functionality relies on server side includes, so 
apache should be configured with mod_include enabled and 
'AllowOverride Options' 

The existing functionality remains unchanged, with just a few minor 
bug fixes and extra safety checks.

Feedback is invited via the forums on the MailScanner-MRTG sourceforge 
site at

- Updated specfile and install script to include new features
- Data collection run writes small include files into webserver 
  directory which are included using SSI's from index.html to provide 
  a visual indication of alarm status, a .htaccess file enables server
side includes.
- New which works out the current alarm status.
- Update copyright messages
- Added new threshold configuration file and parsing routines
- Fix typos in man page
- Include recipients discarded in count of spams rejected by the MTA.  
  NOTE: this currently works for sendmail only.  If anyone wants this
  exim/ postfix please email me.  
- Check that data run timeout is defined in config file
- Minor correction to usage of df to eliminate error messages from df
  filesystem specifications are missing from the conf file

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