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Fri Jul 8 04:51:40 IST 2005

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This is probably better asked on the MailScanner list as it is in regards to
how MailScanner functions.  I would like for it to work in realtime as well,
but have a cron job that restarts MailScanner @ 3am every day.  It seems
apparent that MailScanner reads the entries upon startup and requires a
reload to re-read the entries.  Perhaps Julian might have a way to modify a
future release of MS if possible or if necessary to re-read the SQL entries
every hour for example.  I will forward this to the MS list.

Tracy Greggs

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From: "Philip J. Zeigler" <philip at globalaf.com>
To: <Mailwatch-users at lists.sourceforge.net>
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 6:30 PM
Subject: [Mailwatch-users] SQLBlacklist issue

> Just upgraded from 0.51 to 1.0.1 and love the new interface.  The
> improvements are great.  Keep up the great work!!
> The issue I am having is that MailScanner doesn't seem to utilize the
> contents of &SQLBlacklist until after a restart.  If I add a bunch of
> addresses to the blacklist. they are only recognized and loaded in after a
> restart of MailScanner and will not fire until a restart has occurred.
> This shows in the log as:
> Jul  7 13:39:44 www MailScanner[5621]: Starting up SQL Blacklist
> Jul  7 13:39:44 www MailScanner[5621]: Read 0 blacklist entries
> Jul  7 13:39:55 www MailScanner[5628]: Config: calling custom init
> function SQLBlacklist
> and after a restart:
> Jul  7 19:18:29 www MailScanner[17093]: Starting up SQL Blacklist
> Jul  7 19:18:29 www MailScanner[17093]: Read 13 blacklist entries
> Jul  7 19:18:40 www MailScanner[17100]: Config: calling custom init
> function SQLBlacklist
> Is there any way to make this real-time?  Doing a restart after every
> addidtion is a real pain... especially if I allow other users to manage
> the blacklist.  They won't have root access to restart MailScanner and I
> may not know that they have made any changes for me to do the restart.
> Obviously I would prefer not to be restarting all the time at all.
> Thanks,
> Philip

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