AV for Windows Clients with Central Admin? {Virus Scanned}

Pavel Zichovsky zichovsky at TRUL.CZ
Thu Jul 7 09:10:00 IST 2005

MailScanner mailing list <mailto:MAILSCANNER at JISCMAIL.AC.UK> wrote:
> AVG from Grisoft has a console that can store it's stuff on a Linux box
> but I think the interface has to be from a Windows client.  That
> shouldn't be a problem.  
> They also have AV for Win & Linux.  Not free but worth a look.

Yes, AVG7 is very good, we are using it on win desktops and linux server,
and central administration is very powerfull. "Communication server" could
be run on linux with firebird database (easy to install, easy to setup) and
it also can download actualization files and distribute them to desktop
clients (saves bandwith). Grisoft is now even testing "push update service"
which means that your server must not check for updates periodicaly, but
Grisoft server will contact it whenever new update is available.

Administration console must be run from windows station, but IMHO it is not

AVG7 is not free, but price is very fair, and if you buy multilicense
(cheaper than single licenses), then remote administration is free of

With regards
Pavel Zichovsky (zichovsky at trul)

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