MailScanner 4.43.8 Memory Usage Extreme Growth

Julian Field MailScanner at
Wed Jul 6 19:19:11 IST 2005

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It's always the changes "that will have no effect" that come back to 
bite you. I suffer exactly the same problem :-(

Ade Fewings wrote:

> Oh blimey, you know how sometime you can do things because you think 
> they make no difference, but you kinda forget it by the time you come 
> to test things and then wonder why it all goes a bit pear-shaped?  I 
> certainly do.  Very well, in fact.
> Sorry to bother any/everybody, suffice it to say that the problem was 
> with this particular user and nothing else.
> For what it's worth, I shall never again think that commenting out the 
> "use_bayes 0" in spam.assassin.prefs.conf is a good idea.  Any 
> mistaken belief that this would have no effect will never again enter 
> my mind.
> Apologies
> Ade
> Julian Field wrote:
>> Can you try a bit of a binary chop and try to deduce which version 
>> first started the problem?
>> 4.40.1 and 4.43.8 are a long way apart, it's going to be a pretty 
>> hopeless search inspecting all the code changes by eye.
>> Ade Fewings wrote:
>>> I've just upgraded from 4.40.11 to 4.43.8 and, with exactly the same 
>>> MailScanner.conf, the new MailScanner processes start and grow in 
>>> memory size, seemingly forever.  Switching back to 4.40.11, the 
>>> processes stop and stabilize at about 57M each (under prstat in 
>>> Solaris).  The new ones go sailing through that and only stop when I 
>>> kill them, at which point the machine is out of memory and swap 
>>> (each MailScanner being >>500M by this stage).

Julian Field
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