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Tue Jul 5 11:32:21 IST 2005

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I investigated maildrop as a potential solution to the problem I presented earlier on
this list.  Maildrop appears to only be used for local mail delivery options (a procmail

[user] -----------{internet}---------[relay]-----------[server]

Information or e-mail will flow from the left to the right so that only the user speaks
to the relay based on DNS MX records.  In turn, the relay server will then perform spam
filtering and virus scanning against the messages it receives.  When e-mails are found
laden with suspicious messages, those messages are quarantined in a format that server
administrators can later copy down and review if questions arise about messages not
getting to their users.

I have the relay portion working just fine with postfix and Sendmail (originally i used
Sendmail).  I'm sure I can get spam filtering setup easily as I^Òve already done so with
Sendmail.  The problem I'm running into is having the e-mails stored in mbox format
based on the domain they are going to such as /home/{{serveradmin}}/spam/domain.mbox.

Has anyone done this before, or have any suggestions?  someone previously suggested
setting up a postfix rule, but I just dont see how that will fit in the configuration. 
My current configuration on the relay server consists of:

[port 25 on relay]-----[spamassassin/mailscanner]-------[to destination server]

Thanks in advance,


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