recent MailScanner + SAVI > 3.92

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Mon Jul 4 13:57:07 IST 2005

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Lotter, Albrecht (LNG-MUE) wrote:
> Julian, List,
> we're using MailScanner on our SMTP gateway (<500 users) quite successfully
> for a wihle now. But since 
> SophosSAVI 3.93 we cannot get it running anymore. Even with MailScanner
> 4.43.8 we always get the error messages:

> Jul 4 14:02:02 hamx1 MailScanner[18118]: Viruses marked as silent:
> SophosSAVI: msg-18118-21.txt caused an error: Sweep could not proceed, the
> file was corrupted (538), SophosSAVI: msg-18118-22.txt caused an error:
> Sweep could not proceed, the file was corrupted (538)
> So, we keep SophosSAVI 3.92 running. Is there any way of fixing these
> problems?

Have you tried the fix about Sophos error messages?  It has been
discussed recently.


> Thanks
> Albrecht
> P.S. Hardware HP DL380 dual Xeon 2.8, 2GB memory, RAID 5 on U320 disks
>      Software RedHat AS3 Enterprise, SpamAssassin version 3.0.3

BTW, you should upgrade SA to 3.0.4, DOS vul in 3.0.3.

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