AV for Windows Clients with Central Admin? {Virus Scanned}

Fri Jul 1 18:02:29 IST 2005

Mark Nienberg <> wrote:
> I wonder if they are saying that because they assume your Central
> Install Directory (CID) is on the same machine that runs the
> Enterprise Manager and they don't want to encourage you to violate
> Microsoft's maximum or 10 connections to a workstation.  In my case,

That's what I assumed as well.  However, on the page
that they sent me a link to, it implies that you would
be in violation of Microsoft licensing by just running
it on a workstation.  I'm going to run it this way
until my subscription runs out, and by then they'll
either fix this issue, make a true management tool
for Linux or I'll find another vendor.  I'd hate
to do that, since I like Sophos so much.

I have the same setup as you:  CIDs are on the Samba server
and the EM runs on my personal workstation.

Here's the link they sent me:



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