Mailscanner upgrade question

Chris Connell chris.connell at ISSOLUTIONS.CO.UK
Fri Jul 1 17:26:03 IST 2005


I have upgraded our email gateway to MailScanner 4.429 and Spamassassin
3.0.4 and used the config file upgrade utility.

Everything was working fine but recently we have messages that are not
spam and the subject is modified with the [SPAM] line saying things like

[SPAM] Found word(s) find out more in the Text body
[SPAM] Found word(s) list error remove list in the Text body

Note we still get the normal {SPAM?} tagged email which mailscanner puts
in with spamassassin score > 6 as before.

I have looked what is possibly putting the first [SPAM] subject modifier
in, is it MailScanner or Spamassassin?

I cannot find any documentation regarding changes in default behaviour
in both for modifying the subject.


Chris Connell

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