blocked ietf drafts.

Pablo Allietti pablo at LACNIC.NET
Sat Jan 29 01:34:45 GMT 2005

hi all. i read the FAQs and the mailing list archives but i cant find
any thing about the filename rules like ietf.

i received many drafts a day from ietf and IAB community and the draft
are like this


are .txt all of them.

i add a line in virus.scanning.rules

FromOrTo:       *      no
FromOrTo:       *  no

but nothing always this draft received by the subject {Blocked Content}
and i need to go to spool to copy to my folder.

do you have a solution for that ? is possible to allow this kind of
filenames ?

thanks a lot.

ps: i use MailScanner-4.33.3 under Freebsd 5.3 with clamav viruscan.

Pablo Allietti

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