postfix: Process did not exit cleanly

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Sat Jan 22 00:07:12 GMT 2005

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Rocky McCamey wrote:
      I installed from the tar on the website, and I still get that
      error.  I have also gone ahead and unmerged postfix and then
      merged it
      back again, and still the same thing.


So to re-cap
 1. With out MailScanner Postfix runs fine?
 2. You install MS and Postfix complains with exit errors?
 3. You checked that the sendmail binary is pointing to the correct
    Postfix equivalent and not an 'old' Sendmail one?
 4. Are all your spool directory paths in MailScanner.conf true paths
    with no sym links?
 5. Have you any mail in the mail queue (mailq will do it)?
 6. Does Postfix complain if you just start it with out MailScanner
    (postfix start)?
 7. With Postfix stopped, set the debug options on in MailScanner.conf
    and the start just MailScanner and check the output (Just in case).
I'll go with just the luck 7 for now! ;-) Let me know how you get on.


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