Feature request: HTML Content Checks

Quentin Campbell Q.G.Campbell at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK
Tue Jan 18 15:13:20 GMT 2005


Is it possible to add to the logged "Content Checks: Detected
HTML-specific exploits in ..." messages the actual HTML exploit that
caused the message? 

That is, I am asking for one of the strings "HTML-Iframe",
"HTML-Codebase", "HTML Object", "HTML-Script" or "HTML-Form" to be added
as appropriate to the message.

At present we only have info on IFrame exploits through the separate
logging facility for that tag. I would like this additional info for the
same reason you provided the IFrame logging - to identify the
envelope-From address that may need to be added to the rules file to
exempt that address from the actions normally applied to that exploit.


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